Child Protection

With the help of partners like you, we protect vulnerable children from violence and exploitation.

Global Hands of Hope oversees several programs designed to protect vulnerable children from abusive situations by providing a variety of safe environments. We offer psycho-social support for victims of abuse through counseling, mentoring, referrals and peer support groups.

The Safe House is a boarding school for female students at high risk for sexual abuse. This is a protected and safe environment. Dorm mothers provide supervision and guidance for young girls who have been endangered by early sexual encounters. Confidential pediatric, adolescent and adult counseling is offered to victims of abuse.


Suubi Wellness Center offers a safe and supervised Children’s Play Day for village children to enjoy extra-curricular activities on the weekends. On Saturday morning and early afternoon, Suubi is full of children from Bukeka flocking together to play games, enjoy enrichment activities, hear friends and neighbors share good news, and receive a hot meal. The Wellness Center promotes children’s rights to protection and safety from violence and exploitation through community education classes and public awareness campaigns.


Protecting vulnerable children from violence and exploitation is a core tenet of our programming. Highly vulnerable children in Uganda can be grouped into the following categories

  • Victims of armed conflict
  • Children engaged in child labor
  • Children engaged in sex trafficking
  • Children in disabilities
  • Orphans
  • Homeless street children
  • Adolescent girls subject to sexual abuse and child marriage
  • Children from impoverished households

Together, we can change the trajectory of vulnerable children’s lives. Here’s how you can get involved!

Uganda recognizes the importance of children’s rights to protection and has enacted the Children Statute (1996) and the Children Act (Chapter 59) to establish their legal entitlement. In addition, Ugandan law has put in place institutional mechanisms and strict criminal codes to enforce the protection of children from violence and abuse.