Food Distribution, Safe Homes, and Sharing the Gospel

Thank you for standing with the most vulnerable in Uganda. The Lord remains faithful, and we’re excited to show you a few ways He has worked—through your prayer and support—over the past few months.

COVID-19 continues to impact daily life here in Uganda. While much of the community was on lockdown, over 100 kids were able to stay safe on our campus because of new boarding programs at Global Hands of Hope. 

Sadly, our nation is once again on lockdown per governmental restrictions. As one team member recently said, “The current lockdown does not seem to be stopping the spread of COVID, but it is starving the people. We don’t know if or when this country will recover.”

These lockdowns are incredibly difficult, and many families in Bukekka have been struggling. Sadly, those struggling most of all are taking care of children: parents and guardians. They desperately want to keep their children safe but cannot afford to meet their basic needs, like food and medical care.

These dark times have given us an opportunity to shine the light of Christ brightly. As seen in the photos above, we have provided food to struggling families on four different occasions. Each family receives 50 pounds of beans and 50 pounds of posho. These donations have kept 400 families fed for several months over the past year—Praise God!

Safe House Building Update

We’ve been busy working on building Safe Houses for some of our students. We’re excited to share that these 4 new Safe Houses are almost complete!

Construction began in January 2021.

In March and April, roofs were completed and plaster was added.

In June, the well was completed and roads expanded leading to Suubi.

Now in August, windows and doors will be installed soon!

In Uganda, many girls are at an increased risk of sexual exploitation and abuse— putting their health, safety, and future in danger. The Safe Houses will provide a secure place to live under the supervision and guidance of Christian dorm mothers.

Learn more about the Safe House Program.

Whether during food drops or under Christian mentorship, each individual who comes in contact with Global Hands of Hope is pointed to the ultimate healer and protector, Jesus Christ. It is by God’s grace and your partnership that this critical work is made possible! 

Thank you for standing beside us with your support and prayers!

The Global Hands of Hope Team