Suubi Christian School

Help us provide each student the benefits of a well rounded academic curriculum while being introduced to the Good News of the Gospel


Each year, Suubi Christian School works with local community leaders to identify the 50 most underprivileged 4 year olds in the community. These children are chosen to attend Suubi Kindergarten. They are given a quality Christian education, moral training, leadership mentoring, adequate nutrition and medical care. These at-risk children are trained to become the next generation of leaders. They are given the ability to influence their family and their community.


Knowledge, experiences, and mentoring relationships are necessary for a solid education. They prepare for the all-important national exams. Students participate in reading, speech and debate contests. Mentoring relationships train students in character development and leadership skills. Both boys and girls participate in sports and enter local native dance competitions. Students experience the wider world three times a year, with field trips to places like the zoo, the airport, and museums in the bustling capital city of Kampala.


A school uniform allows the child to go to school with dignity. Two hot meals a day allow the child to focus, undistracted by hunger. The child’s mind and body is not stunted through malnutrition. Regular medical care gives the child a healthy body, free of intestinal worms or painful parasites and life-saving intervention for malaria. School tuition provides Suubi students with the best private education available in their region. Warm sweaters keep away the chill during their long walk to school each morning. Sponsorship rescues not only a child but their future children as well.