Suubi Community Church

Suubi Community Church serves the village of Bukeka through Bible-based worship and discipleship.

Suubi Community Church was established with a congregation of four members. The church continues to serve the community in Bukeka through Evangelism, Compassion, Prayer, Counseling, & Discipleship. We now have over 200 members!

At Global Hands of Hope, we are committed to bringing the good news of the Deity of Jesus Christ, His death for our sins, His resurrection from the dead as witnessed and testified in the Holy Bible which is the true and living Word of God through the local church & compassion.

We commit to being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ that bring good news to the weak, vulnerable, hungry and lost through love and compassion.

 Praying and interceding for those in need and the nations while comforting the victims of social injustices and sin.

 Through our child sponsorship program, children become young adults under our care. We are entrusting the truths of the gospel to the next generation and holding one another accountable.